Marketing Success Strategies – How To Create A Profitable Marketing Campaign For Your Company

Let’s begin this article by acknowledging that this topic is far too complex for just this one piece. After all, this is why people go to college to learn marketing and get a degree. However, loveportal hopefully, this will be boiled down enough to give you a good start and some sound ideas to sink your teeth into.

To begin, let’s discuss in brief the difference between tactics and strategies. This is important because when creating a marketing plan, what you are really doing is deciding on a definite tactic, and then creating a strategy or strategies to achieve that tactic. To put it simply, tax parcels a tactic is one definite goal. Your primary objective, if you will. And a strategy is a particular action that is aimed at achieving a tactic.

In some cases, a single strategy is all that is required, but generally, in marketing, multiple strategies are needed to do it right. So that is how we’re going to address this here. fejermegyemedia

Step #1: Determine Your Tactic

Before you can begin marketing, you must know what it is you want to achieve. Beginning with the end in mind, knowing your destination before you start the journey, nordicnutris etc. If you don’t know what you want, you probably won’t get it.

So, in the case of marketing, the first thing that might come to anyone’s mind for a tactic is: ‘make more money.” Okay, this is a good start, but let’s get a little more specific. Sure, we all want to make more money, but really, everything we do in our businesses should be aimed at that goal. So let’s come up with something a bit more specific, like, “I want to acquire 1000 new members for my online subscription.” This is going to be our sample tactic.

And let’s say for example, that your subscription is for investing services and information. People sign up to your site and they get inside tips, news feeds and an investor community.

Step #2: Create Your Strategies

Now that we know our tactic, it’s time to create strategies to achieve it. This might seem simple enough but I want to throw in a little twist here. All of your / our sample strategies in this illustration will be integrated. Nothing stands alone, at least in some ways.

So, let’s make the first strategy, or strat from now on, justshowbiz to be a determination of the core facts of our product. In this case, how much does the membership cost? Are there any variations such as long-term discounts? Is there a referral program? How will payments be accepted? Believe it or not, all these questions, and more, will help determine the actions we take.

Next, let’s decide on our budget. How much money do we have to spend on this tactic, and how much time do we have to put toward attaining it. First, let’s figure it this way: If our membership costs $9.95 per month, and we want 1,000 members to sign up for a year, then that means an annual revenue of $119,400. So, what is 120K worth to you, roughly? Is it worth 50% in advertising and marketing overhead? Is it worth more, less? You will have to decide that.

But let’s say we have $3,000 to spend on a monthly basis to achieve this goal. This is $36,000 for a year, or a little more than 25% of your total projected goal. Not great, but let’s use it.

Now that we have a budget, we can determine several strategies to put into action to see this money is put to good use. And our strats will encompass both online and offline marketing. And let’s assume we’re going to use 4 strategies, 2 online and 2 offline, project topics and this is how we’ll achieve our tactic.

Strat 1 – Radio Advertising

Yes, radio advertising is still highly effective when you are dealing with a local region. It’s effective for greater geographic areas too, but far more expensive. So let’s say that of our $3,000, we’re going to use $1,000 for the radio spots. We’ll advertise on a station that has the best demographics for our target market. Since we’re doing an investing website example that would probably be an AM news talk station, or an FM news talk station, though these are not as common. Most FM radio talk stations are geared more toward entertainment.

So, we negotiate a deal with the station for $1,000 a month for 1 random 60 second spot each weekday and 2 15 second sponsor spots for morning and afternoon drive traffic. This will hopefully get us at least 300 to 400 of our 1000 member goal. Over the course of a year, with continuous repetition, this should work. Of course, this is just a fictitious example, real numbers will vary. For more info please visit sites here:-

Strat 2 – Time-based Internet Marketing

I say time based here because most internet marketing tasks are free to implement. That is to say, you don’t get charged to publish an article like this one, or blog, or post YouTube videos, or social network, etc. etc. Of course, time is money, and if you or someone on your staff doesn’t have the time or skills to do these tasks, you’ll have to pay for it to be done.

So let’s say that you set aside $650 per month for internet marketing. This really isn’t much, but over the course of a year, it may snowball into a lot of traffic. After all, that is what it’s all about, especially online, is website traffic.


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