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How would you rate your overall satisfaction with your life? To be on the positive side of satisfaction you need to feel like at least 60 percent of everything in general is going your way. You can break that down to your personal life, army-market your professional life, your social life, and your religious life. If any one of those is causing you more than 40 percent trouble – it isn’t going well.

A recent article in the Sun-Sentinel has this quote.
“Clergy ranked tops in both job satisfaction and general happiness, according to the National Opinion

Research Center at the University of Chicago.
The most satisfying jobs are mostly professions, zanzibar taxi especially those involving caring for, teaching and protecting others and creative pursuits,” said Tom W. Smith, director of NORC’s General Social Survey, a poll supported by the National Science Foundation.

The worker satisfaction study, top10ratings set for release Tuesday, is based on data collected since 1988 on more than 27,500 randomly selected people.

For the most satisfied workers, intrinsic rewards are key, the study suggests.”

What do the clergy have that the other jobs don’t have? They have ‘A CALLING” from God. Clergy are not most satisfied because they are clergy – they are most happy because they believe God has called them to a purpose, vpnguide and they are fulfilling their destiny – or they are doing that for which they were created.

But there is a great deal more to the story of ‘A Calling From God’. Years ago my grandmother told me that when crypto calculator she went to ‘teaching school’ at the age of seventeen – the preacher in charge of preparing the students to teach school spent one week of the six weeks course stressing that if you were not there at the express calling of God, that you should go home. He said a ‘teacher is called to teach, just as a preacher is called to preach’. Grandma said a number of students went home after considerable counseling. Grandma stayed for the full six weeks course, got her teaching certificate, and went on to teach the next three years in a one room school house. She said she knew in advance that she was called to teach, and was surprised that some people had come without knowing they were called in the first place.; Translation Service or that they are doing a specific job or task on the way to doing something else.

So now we have preaching and teaching as callings from God. However, I believe every human being is called by God to do many things. The greatest level of satisfaction (and success) will always be found in doing something that God has called you to do.

The first thing the individual is called to do is to be saved. This gains adoption into the family of God and eternal life in heaven with God.

The next thing the individual is called to kitchen Cabinet Painting do is to surrender his or her life totally to God. Two things can make this difficult.

First – the calling to surrender can be mistaken for a calling into full time ministry. That is not the first thing God will call you to do. First surrender to what ever God asks of you – then you get details.

The second difficulty arises when people think that they don’t want to surrender their life to God because He will ask them to give up everything they love and give them some horrible job they will hate. God created you to do specific good things. It is built into your heart. God will not call you to do anything outside the boundaries He has set as acceptable behavior. Don’t speculate in advance that God will ask you to do something you really don’t like doing. He put in you the good things He wants you to do – so chances are you already love doing some of the things God will ask you to do. digitalmagicsolutions

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